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Please join us in the monthly fat quarter drawing. Each member is encouraged to bring 1, 2, or 3 fat quarters each month. Drop your fat quarters at the designated table on the left side of the building when you arrive. Make sure you write your name on the form provided, remembering, 1 name for each fat-quarter. The more participants, the more winners we can have. A fat quarter measures 18” x 20-22”.

Below are the selections for each month. Please post the list in a prominent place so you will remember what you are encouraged to bring. As always, a reminder will be posted on the website and published in the monthly newsletter. Fabric stores may be having sales around the holidays so it may be a good time to fill in the blanks you may find in your stash.

Fat Quarters
January Maroon
February Stripe Fabric
March Blues
April Golds & Browns
May Yellows
June White on White
July Purples
August Fall Colors
September Greens
October Blues
November Christmas Prints
December To be announced

Crayon Challenge 2018

Basically, participants will draw two colors from many crayons at the January 2018 meeting, mark their colors on a card, sign their name, take their crayons, and make a quilted item using their chosen colors, in all the shades they choose, by October 2018. Completed quilts make you elegible for a prize.

Bucket List

The Bucket List has been popular. So, the Bucket List begins again in January 2018, along with Just Sew and Sylvia's Gift Certificates. Think about which UFOs you want to complete in 2018. Maybe, like some of us, you may not complete everthing you listed for 2017. This will be your chance to include those for 2018. Bucket List question can be answered at the Education table.

Class times vary so please check the class description and the times listed below. All classes begin promptly, so please arrive in plenty of time to get your area arranged. Remember to silence your cell phone and take all calls away from the class area. All class participants are asked to clean their work-space and put away the tables and chairs they used. Thank you for your assistance.

Class registration is available at the Education Table. Registration fees vary so please check the class descriptions. Registration fees will be refunded only if the class is cancelled.

February 10 - 10:00am - 3:00pm North Winds, Nancy Durand, Location: Palmer Train Depot


The blocks and colors shown below make up the 2018 Block of the Month program for the Valley Quilter's Guild in Palmer, Alaska. Click on the block names or photos to go to the block instructions. This grouping of blocks is made of designs representing states significant to the Education Committee members. All links go directly to the blocks on their respective websites or open a YouTube video.

At the 2017 December Membership Meeting, the Education Committee presented the 2018 Blocks of the Month in a special program. All blocks and quilts were made by the Education Committee. You can see pictures of this fun event in the Education Gallery.
Each month you can make up to two of the designated block or two sets if the pattern creates two blocks, to submit for the monthly block drawing.
The block sizes vary each month! All submitted blocks must equal the unfinished size listed under each block and follow the example blocks color layout unless noted.

January - South Dakota

01 Jan

Note: Pinwheels can twirl in any direction.
Unfinished Size - 12 1/2"
Light Fabric - White
Medium Fabric - Gold
Dark Fabric - Blue

February - Minnesota Stars

02 Feb 

Unfinished Size - 12 1/2"
Background - White
Colors - Maroon & Gold

March - Rocky Road to California

03 Mar

Unfinished Size - 12 1/2"
Background - Striped fabric that goes with Red
Color - Red

April - Alaska Homestead

04 Apr 

Unfinished Size - 10 1/2"
Background - Yellow
Color - Two Blues

May - Beehive for Utah

05 May

Unfinished Size - 10 1/2"
Background - Cream
Color - Four Yellows & Black

June - Pennsylvania Parade

06 Jun

Unfinished Size - 12 1/2"
Colors - Parade Yellow, Purple & Black

July - Oklahoma Twister

07 July

Unfinished Size - 12 1/2"
Background & Medium Fabrics - Scrappy Whites
Dark Fabric - Scrappy Blues & Reds

August - Nevada

08 Aug 

Pattern Correction: Cut four 2 1/2" medium fabric squares instead of one.
Unfinished Size - 9 1/2"
Colors - Light, Medium, & Dark Purples

September - Ohio Star

09 Sept

Unfinished Size - 12 1/2"
Light - Cream
Dark - Fall Colors

October - Oregon

10 Oct

Unfinished Size - 10 1/2"
Colors - Dark & Light Greens

November - Colorado Beauty

11 Nov

Unfinished Size - 12 1/2"
Background - White
Colors - Yellow & Dark Blue

December - Michigan

12 Dec  

Unfinished Sizes - Large Block 9 1/2"
Background - Christmas Fabric
Ribbon - Red


February Membership Meeting

Things to Bring

  1. Name Tag
  2. Fat Quarter - Stripe Fabric
  3. Block of the Month
  4. Service Items
  5. Bucket List
February Block of The Month

02 Feb

February Fat Quarter - Stripe Fabric

View 2018 Blocks of the Month

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